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Call us for gas line leak and detection services in Cheswick & Plum, PA

Do you have a gas leak in your home? This is an issue you'll need to solve quickly. Reliant Gas Lines in Cheswick, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area is the company you need for gas line leak repair services. We'll have your residential or commercial line repaired quickly.

Call 412-526-5822 today to schedule gas line services.

What makes us the right choice?

When you need gas line leak services, don't hesitate to contact our company. We help members of our community stay safe by repairing and replacing damaged gas lines. Plus, our owner:

  • Offers competitive prices
  • Takes an honest approach with every customer
  • Ensures our work is top-notch by bringing in the gas company
Every time we provide gas line leak repair services, we have a representative from the gas company come and inspect our work. For more information on our gas services, please speak to our owner today.

Learn the signs that you have a natural gas leak

Recognizing the signs that you have a gas leak in your building can keep you and your property safe. You should get gas line repair and replacement services if...

  • You hear hissing sounds coming from your gas line
  • You smell sulfur in your building
  • Your gas bill is significantly higher than normal

If you notice these signs in your building, arrange for residential or commercial gas line services immediately. We'll be there for gas line repair and replacement services in no time so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe. Contact us today if you have any questions about our residential and commercial gas line services.

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